Clever Ways to Rethink the Linen Closet

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.18.41 PMThe Hardworking Home: Get rid of those toppling piles with these ideas for organizing bedding, towels and more

If you’ve been living with a linen closet crammed too full or jumbled and messy, bring order to the chaos by rethinking this hardworking space. From dividing and conquering (towels in the bath, sheets in the bedroom) to installing smart closet organizers, these solutions can help.

Hardworking space: The linen closet.
The challenge: Keeping an entire household’s sheets, blankets, towels, extra pillows, duvets and tablecloths in one little closet is asking for trouble. Too-high piles teeter and fall, and pretty soon the whole closet is a mess. Get things under control by thinking through exactly what kind of storage you need and where to put it.
Good to know: Check your linen stash before settling on any new storage system. Count the total number of towels, sheets and duvets to get a full picture of the storage space you’ll need.

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