Celebrity Homes You Can Visit

Ever wondered what it would be like to live as a celebrity? What better way to do this than to visit the former homes of some of the most iconic names in history? Whether you’re a massive music fan, history buff or art enthusiast there’s something to discover. Our unique, virtual round the world tour of celebrity homes will definitely pique your interest. These homes keep the memory of some of the world’s greatest artists, musicians and historical figures alive. Some are grand and imposing whilst others are much more humble. They all give you a genuine insight into what the life of that particular celebrity was like.

If a trip to London is on the cards, why not check out Jimi Hendrix’ psychedelic pad? Or if Amsterdam is more your style, take in a trip to the biographical museum dedicated to wartime diarist Anne Frank. Many of the homes are world-renowned. Visiting them can become a pilgrimage, especially when it der babyatlas comes to the likes of Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley.

So, take a trip around the world using our interactive guide and discover a plethora of homes. From primitive to palatial and everything in between, you’ll see things you never knew were there to see.

source: vibrantdoors.co.uk

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