Buying & Investing

ABC’s of Most Realtors

Advertise homes in order to get you to call them

Beg you to come in and talk with them

Choose a bunch of homes they think you will like

Drive you from house to house showing you dozens of homes

Encourage you to make an offer on every house you see

Feel frustrated because the homes are not to your liking

Get on their knees and pray you will buy something

This is the way real estate has been practiced for many years, and the way many agents still operate today.

That is why I offer a client experience. I represent you and your needs by using the latest technology and proven negotiation which go far beyond this outdated ABC approach.

The systematic approach by which I serve my clients is first expertly finding their property and then purchasing it at the best price and terms possible.

Coming from a relational based approach, I actively listen to the answers my clients provide me, offering consultation and expertise.

This expertise guarantees that you are served professionally to the highest ethical standards, saving both time and money.

I take pride in seeing my client’s dreams realized and being a part of that wonderful adventure. As you look through this presentation, I trust this approach resonates with you.



My approach… Focuses On Your Needs

To insure that you find the best house for the lowest price with the very best financing and the least amount of hassle, I offer a systematic approach:

Discover and understand what your objectives, needs, hopes and dreams are in terms of home ownership and investment.

Explore the best financing options and how much home you should afford (Home Loan Pre-Approval) and what best suits your lifestyle.

Send you the latest information on homes that match your criteria (our unique Buyer Home Delivery Service).

With my Specialized Knowledge & Skilled Negotiating I assist you in securing the home you want.

At each step along the way, you will benefit from my systematic approach and exceptional client experience.