Boys room decorating ideas

Decorating boys room can be a little tricky affair. Their interests, favorite colors, sports teams, groups, inspirations etc. are certain things on which you can model the design and decor. In addition, boys room also need to have brightness and light to keep them active throughout the day. Moreover, the theme and design of the room should also match the personality and likings of the boy in order to keep his interest alive for the room.

Boys room decorating ideas

Firefighting obsession

Placing a wooden fire truck bed can easily attract the mind and interest of your young boy. When you decide to put a fire-fighting crisp red bed in his bedroom, remember to use light color paint on the walls to cool down the warm effect of red bed. In addition, you can also create firefighter pattern on the walls to complete the look of the room.

Sporty look

If your boy adores sport, you can put little fanciful sports stick art or wall murals on display. Don’t go in deep by providing a full-fledged sports theme to the room. Create a grown-up space and decorate it with fancy sports items. Moreover, sporty wall murals also deck up the look beautifully. Furthermore, these can also be replaced effortlessly as a boy’s preference change.

The magic of blue

From centuries, we have been linking shades of blue with boys. Decorating boys bedroom in various hues of blue offers a striking look and feel to the bedroom. You can create blue patterns on the wall or ceilings. Throwing down a simple blue rug or carpet can also do the look. Moreover, blue spreadsheets or curtains can also help you in completing this interesting blue theme for your boy’s bedroom.

The Rugby look

If your teen boy is Rugby freak, then why not give his room a brilliant Rugby-inspired look. To create this look, paint the walls in solid colors along with lots of interesting textures in furnishings. In addition, you can add various Rugby materials and accessories to enliven the room with the effect of this cool sport. Drape the pillows with a Rugby-shirt stripes inspired covers to finish the look.

The Jungle theme

Jungle or Safari look always fascinates young boys. To keep their fascination growing, decorate the room in a highly interesting Jungle theme. Start with covering the walls with colorful animal wallpapers. If you are not comfortable in using the wallpapers, you can paint the room in bright colors and can use stick-ons to accessorize the walls. Furthermore, pillows and spreadsheets in leopard or zebra prints will offer a more realistic jungle feel to the room. To finish the look, accessorize the room with various safari hats, nets or binoculars.

A rustic look

Offering a rustic look to a boy’s bedroom can refresh the mood and interest of your teen boy. Why not use the scenic beauty of nature on display in his room to offer a brilliant rustic look to the bedroom. Use playful and colorful nature-inspired wallpapers in his room along with artworks that show mountains, sun, bears and birds. Use natural accessories, such as pine cones, sticks, leaves and flowers to glamorize the room.

The bug’s effect

If bugs, bees, ants or reptiles capture your boy’s attention, then doing his room in bug’s style can be really fascinating for him. You can place a table or chair inspired by the bugs and reptiles. Even placing a lamp besides his bed, which looks like a frog or bug, can also be a good idea. Bed linens and pillow covers in the bright, colorful bug prints will complete the look.

Camouflage it

If your teen boy is an avid fan of the Army, Navy or Air Force, then salute his fondness by decorating his room in a military way. Camouflage theme can be really intriguing for your boy as it would catalyze his fondness towards military. Drench the walls in desert colors and throw down a rug in nude color. Complete the look by spreading bed linens in camouflage prints. You can also deck up the room with flags and patriotic sayings or posters.

Do it American Airplane style

Anything which is related with speed is always loved by growing boys. So, decking up their room in American airplane style is not a bad idea. Bring the magic of airplane alive with the striking palette of reds, blues and creams- a color scheme perfect for creating something really adventurous. Hang on various miniature airplanes and choppers in a corner of the room to offer a super interesting look. Various stickers and stencils of airplanes will also make the room come alive with the magic of American airplanes.

Wilderness theme

Start with plaid flannel bedding along with coordinating window treatments. In the next step, accessorize the room with fishing rods and paddles to bring in the beauty of wilderness. Posters or stencils of moose, fish, mountains or a flowing river will complete the look in a beautiful way.

The bold look

If you want to keep the décor of your boy’s room simple and elegant but striking at the same time, then going for bold look can be your perfect choice. Put down a prominent bed sheet on his bed or throw down an exquisite rug in a solid vivacious color. If you are using bold colors in room accessories then try to keep the wall colors light and soothing, otherwise it will muddle up the entire look.

Shelves and furniture

Shelves and furniture are as important as the décor of a boy’s room. Shelves are a great way to pile up the belonging of your growing boy in a complete neat way. Try to use thick and durable shelves to store his collectibles and mementos. The furniture for boy’s room should be strong, durable and exciting. Furthermore, they should also match the décor and theme of your growing boy’s room.

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