A Unique Water Fountain That Displays Time And Patterns

osakawater-thumbA water fountain which is located in Osaka Japan at a public meeting place shows time with different patterns and flowers. It surely is a treat to watch this fountain with your eyes. Unlike normal fountains which throw water upwards, this fountain runs by throwing water from up to downwards. The most innovative feature of the fountain comes here, it runs on a microprocessor system that actually sprinkles the water in such an amazing fashion that it displays time to public and when not showing time, it displays different patterns such as flowers, vines and waves of bars.


The timing and patterns are all controlled by a microprocessor and it can be changed to different sequences and patterns. This fountain is basically located in a Osaka shopping mall where the customers are more attracted towards this fountain than the shopping items. This is one of the first few such types of fountains to be installed worldwide. However, with time this concept will get popularity for sure and we will see more and more such fountains getting installed.Below is the video of this attractive fountain in action:[pb_vidembed title=”” caption=”” url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhOYRHt2cqM” type=”yt” w=”600″ h=”337″]

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