A Bedroom Closet Makeover

By Nicole Sforza

woman-kids-closet-before_300Armed with some practical organizing tools and a bit of ingenuity, Real Simple saves this closet from chaos.

Before: Cluttered and Inefficient

Florida mom Jennifer Hochman (pictured here with daughters Rachel, age three, and Monica, five) stashed everything from bedding to art projects in her walk-in—with no linen or coat closet, she didn’t have a choice. Real Simple burrowed in to turn the chaotic family catchall into a high-functioning haven of storage and style.

Found In (and Tossed From) Jennifer’s Closet
  • 7 power suits (with shoulder pads) from the 80s
  • 1 electronic coin counter
  • 1 fake potted orchid
  • 1 back massager
  • 6 winter coats from her University of Michigan days
  • 1 graduation robe
  • 14 dry-cleaning hangers with plastic (no clothes)
  • 1 kaleidoscope

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