7 Favorite Indoor Plants for West-Facing Windows

plantsThese houseplants, and many more, thrive in the bright sun of a window that looks to the west

For most indoor plants, the light from a west-facing window is a welcome compromise between the bright but usually weaker light from an east-facing window and the direct and often very bright light let in through a south-facing window. As a result, plants that like a little more light but can’t handle hot direct sun are happiest with this exposure. It’s often a good location for flowering houseplants as well as ones with variegated or even nongreen foliage, as it tends to intensify foliage color.

A west-facing window is also a good spot for many plants that do well with either an eastern or southern exposure, so feel free to experiment with including them. Those preferring an eastern exposure may need to be placed away from the window or shielded by a light curtain, while those preferring a southern exposure may need to move closer to the light. Either way, you’ll have plenty of options to fill your space.

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