15 Fantastic Photo-Edited Dream Home Ideas

Would would your dream house look like if you could create architecture without structural limits, geographical borders and cost or client boundaries? It might look something like the myriad creations of Worth1000 users made for a photo-editing contest series aptly hybridizing the terms ‘bizarre’ and ‘architecture’.

Take structural integrity out of the equation and one can construct a sky-scraping sand castle the likes of which the world has never seen. Subtract gravity and cool cantilevered volumes can now literally float up into the air, mingling with cloud layers above. (Via Bizarrchitecture 3)

Material remixes are popular as well, with submissions that combine ultramodern architecture and ice flows, or water towers and castles, stone caves and prefab pods and more. (Via Bizarrchitecture 4)

Architectural hybrids turn familiar structures into novel forms, converting known sculptures into giant-sized dwellings, for instance, or infusing a famous building, with active red-hot volcanic mass. (Via Bizarrchitecture 7)

While you may not see an upside-down home with a private helipad, or an underwater dwelling with wood siding anytime soon, practicing architects could stand to learn a thing or two from such periodic forays into fantastical and physically impossible design. More such adventurous explorations and fantasy illustrations of built environments and dream dwellings can be found at Worth1000.