11 Clever Ways to Display and Store Children’s Books

kids booksInspire a love of books in young readers by keeping their beloved stories easy to see and reach

My mom tells me that as a little girl I would memorize children’s books and then recite them to my baby brother, pretending I was reading them. This is how I first developed my love of books and reading, and I remember all my favorites always being close at hand whenever I wanted them.

Reading to children creates lifelong memories. I still feel a wave of happy nostalgia when I see Blueberries for Sal, Babar and Are You My Mother? Keeping books easy to see and reach can ensure that you and your kids enjoy them more often. When little ones are in the crib, display books so the grown-ups can easily choose and grab one at story time. As your kids start walking around, you’ll want spots they can see and reach themselves.

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