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How to Use Rhythm in Your Social Media Content [Infographic]

Looking for new ways to re-ignite your social media posts? This could help. The team from Giraffe Social Media have put together a new overview of how you can use rhythmic styles in your content to guide your audience response. Using different styles, based on tried and true formats, can … [Read More...]

Average Screen Time and Social Media Usage by Region [Infographic]

People are spending more and more time online, and social platforms are still rising in popularity, and utility, in many ways. But which countries spend the most time online, and which are more reliant on social media than others? The team from Electronics Hub recently put together this … [Read More...]

The Best Apps and Tools for Real Estate Agents

Another great guest post from Mary Aspen Richardson. If you want to drive professional improvement, you need to make use of the best apps and tools for real estate agents! From streamlining client interactions to revolutionizing property management, these tools empower realtors to navigate the market with … [Read More...]

8 Tips To Boost Your Facebook Page Engagement 

Are you looking for ways to generate more engagement on your Facebook Page? Want to encourage more likes, shares and comments on your Facebook posts? The team from Red Website Design share 8 ways to increase Facebook page engagement in this infographic. … [Read More...]

How to Use Chatbots to Improve Your Customer Service

A guest post from Mary Aspen Richardson. Customer service stands at the forefront of successful business, dictating customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Once your marketing strategies engage audiences and convert them, it falls to your customer service quality to keep them satisfied. But customer service … [Read More...]

Navigating the Digital Nomad Lifestyle with a Disability: Essential Tips and Strategies

Another great guest post from Natalie Jones: natalie@homeownerbliss.info In an era where work transcends geographical boundaries, the digital nomad lifestyle beckons many, promising a blend of exploration and productivity. However, for individuals with disabilities, this lifestyle demands not just the desire to … [Read More...]

8 Visual Trends To Consider for Your Marketing in 2024 [Infographic]

Have you considered giving your branding a refresh for 2024? Visual trends are always evolving, and while that logo and color palette that you came up with may have been cool in 2012, it's now 2024, and it could be worth re-considering your approach, in order to maximize your visual appeal. Which is … [Read More...]

An Introvert’s Guide to Developing Strong Leadership Skills

Image via Pexels Another great guest post from Natalie Jones. If you're an introvert, you may find it hard (even terrifying) to speak in front of others, let alone lead them. However, introverts actually make some of the best leaders. They think through decisions carefully, give a calm appearance, and are … [Read More...]

75 Instagram Reels Ideas [Infographic]

Looking to make Reels a bigger part of your social content strategy in 2024? Struggling to come up with enough ideas to fill out your content calendar? This will help. Social media advisor Angie Gensler has put together a new listing of 75 Reels prompts, which, as a bonus, also don’t require you to … [Read More...]

What Happens on the Internet Every Minute (2023 Version)

It’s amazing to take a step back and consider how reliant we’ve become on the internet, and just how much of our daily activity is now conducted online. Every year, Domo’s “Data Never Sleeps” report provides a range of stats on modern internet and app usage, which are always somewhat surprising, no matter what … [Read More...]