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20 Cities With the Most Severe Housing Shortages

The inventory shortage, which has been a nuisance for years now, is causing even greater disruption since the pandemic began. Fueling intense buyer competition and sky-high home prices, the historic supply crunch requires a “once in a generation” federal response to address decades of underinvestment and … [Read More...]

Email Marketing and Why it’s So Important

Even with social platform usage continuing to rise, email remains a key element of any effective digital marketing strategy, providing a direct connection between you and your target audience, and facilitating a range of engagement benefits. When it's done right. … [Read More...]

Top Key Instagram Metrics Every Marketer Should Know

What's the most important metric for growing your Instagram audience and engagement? Is it reach and/or impressions? What about follower growth, or average engagement rate? Tracking the right metrics is crucial if you want to maximize your Instagram marketing efforts, but it may not always be clear … [Read More...]

YouTube Audio Ads vs. Video Ads – Which Performs Better?

With more people now tuning into YouTube's audio-only options, including YouTube Music, last November, YouTube announced the addition of audio ads in order to give marketers more options for connecting with their target audiences. But are they effective - and how do they compare to YouTube's regular … [Read More...]

Succeed with Video on Each Social Network

The team from Breadnbeyond share their tips for success in this infographic. Are you looking for ways to improve your social media marketing strategy? Want to know how to incorporate video on each social network? … [Read More...]

9 Internet Safety Tips

eCommerce has seen a massive rise over the past 12 months, with the COVID-19 lockdowns forcing most of us to find new ways to shop, exacerbating already established trends away from physical stores and towards more advanced, streamlined online buying. … [Read More...]

A Call to Conversation to the Real Estate Industry

If you love movies, or video games, you are a fan of symphonic music. A symphony orchestra is a real-world example of teamwork, collaboration, discipline, learning, role clarity, execution and true leadership in action. As a conductor, who doesn’t make any sound, it is imperative to know how to communicate and … [Read More...]

5 Premium Kitchen Features One Designer Recommends

From pro-style ranges to discreet charging stations, these luxury upgrades can take a space to the next level Of all the rooms in your home, it’s your kitchen that demands the most planning — and often the better part of your budget. Drafting a priority list can be a bit of a head-scratcher. From lighting … [Read More...]

Happy Juneteenth

Happy Juneteenth! To celebrate the resilience of the Black community and educate allies, our team created a mini-documentary on the history of Juneteenth and how it shaped the experience of Black people in our country. For more information, check out this page. 1619: Resistance / Resilience / Remembrance … [Read More...]

LinkedIn Shares New Insights and Tips on Effective Branding Through Content [Infographic]

With the vaccine roll-out now well underway, many parts of the world are gradually entering a rebuilding phase, which will see increase economic growth and investment, and new opportunities for many brands to expand their operations in-step. But in order to do that, you may need to freshen up your approach to … [Read More...]