Do You Know Your Emoji Etiquette?

emojisEmojis are commonplace in professional communications, but know when they are and aren’t appropriate to use in a professional setting.


a fun video that explains most of them.

How Vinyl Records Get Made [video]

vinylYou may have hear that vinyl is back (My son’s collection grows weekly, he’s 21), and last year it made more money for labels than ads on free streaming service, according to the RIAA. The US music industry group reported that vinyl LP/EP sales increased 32 percent in 2015 to $416 million (this figure is likely higher, as some tiny

indie shops elude RIAA’s radar). That’s heartwarming news for analog-forever types and a dismal development for the major labels, as the New York Times reported.

Regardless of your preferred listening format,  you can enjoy watching how a vinyl record materializes into that thing you put on your turntable. Take a look at the following video.

A Comprehensive Guide to Home Studio Acoustics

Home studio aocusticssource:


Here’s What 2000 Marbles Sound Like

marble machineThis is what Swedish musician Martin Molin did with 2000 marbles.

And you thought a drum set was a pain to load and unload at gigs!

The craziest instrument you’ve ever seen or heard

eigenharpOne of my favorite childhood movies is Mary Poppins. In the movie Dick Van Dyke plays an instrument that is rather complex.

The Eigenharp is even more complex than it looks. It sounds like cross between a sax, a clarinet, a synth, drums…actually, it sounds like all the instruments. Literally all of them, both electronic and physical instruments.

The world’s most dazzling Christmas lights

I have the privilege of being the Artistic Director for The Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree. As I conduct, I have a first row view of almost 300,000 lights. Here are some beautiful displays of Christmas lights from around the world.ChristmasLights

What Social Media Platforms Are Best Suited For Your Business


Video Game or Modern Accordion?

tech thumbNo, this is not a droid. It is a musical instrument–-what kind, exactly, I’m not sure. It sounds like a cross between a barrel organ and a video game. Whatever the case, it’s pretty awesome.

The Watches of James Bond

The Watches Of James Bond
The Watches Of James Bond by Watches2U.