All you ever wanted to know about Facebook’s privacy but were afraid to ask [infographic]

Facebook is notorious for insanely complicated privacy and security procedures. Moreover, with the recent revelations about the Government’s (and businesses’) access to our Facebook data, it’s more important than ever that we know how to use Facebook safely. This infographic will teach you.Facebook_Privacy_Infographic

Standard Home VS. EnergySmart Home

What makes an energy efficient home more comfortable, more affordable and a better investment compared to a standard home?standard-home-vs-energysmart-home

40 Years Of Cellphones [video]

40 years of cellular

The cellphone has been around for four decades now, and this video takes a beautiful look back in time as the evolution of our beloved devices.

Who Played What: The Beatles Song Chart


What Kind of Music Do You Listen to Music While Studying? [infographic]


What You Need To Know About 2013 Music Sales [infographic]

Music Sales Info

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s this thing called Spotify that everyone’s using these days. Lately, there’s been a lot of grumbling in the music community about the impact of streaming services like Spotify — mainly being that artists are given a pretty insulting amount of compensation. It’s so incredibly convenient though, and considering that fact, it’s free, how can you really blame anyone for taking advantage of it?

We really have come a long way since we were hand cranking those wax cylinders on our phonographs so that we could feast our ears on some vaguely musical hissing sound that came from a horn. Streaming is a relatively new phenomenon, and it’s pretty hard to argue that any advance in technology has ever negatively impacted the progression of music in the big picture.

So, maybe, there is hope. But wait, is vinyl making a come back? No, not really. People are definitely buying a whole lot more records than they were seven years ago, but the vast majority of people still listen to music via digital format. There are people who have invested exorbitant amounts of money in hi-fi equipment to supposedly prove that their records sound better than your iPod.

Your run-of-the-mill Crosley turntable that you picked up from Urban Outfitters definitely doesn’t though. So what gives? Is this really just a result of hipsters being nostalgic for a time they didn’t even know? Maybe, but my guess is that it’s a reaction against the lack of sentimentality that digital music has, and what fills that void better than owning the huge physical artifact that is the vinyl LP of the music you cherish?


How To Heat Your Home More Efficiently


Video – Social Network

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.04.33 AM

A great real-time, real-world look at how we connect.

SOCIAL NETWORK from Beomseok Yang on Vimeo.

Sexy Sound: The Making Of Vinyl Records [video]

Vinyl recordsFor many audiophiles, there’s nothing like the sound of vinyl records. If you’re a forever fan, check out this short documentary from 1956 presented by RCA Victor, explaining the process from live recording to the mass production from the molds.

To top it off, check to see if Grandma’s been hiding away this album underneath that monster stereo system in the living room. Yes, that’s a stereo, not a bureau all you nearly-digital natives out there.