7 Ways to Mix and Match Cabinet Colors

kitchensCan’t decide on a specific color or stain for your kitchen cabinets? You don’t have to choose just one

There are as many ways to add color to your kitchen as there are hues to choose from, but cabinets will always be prime real estate for a zap of personality. While many homeowners settle on just one shade, choosing multiple cabinet colors can give your space a designer edge. (It’s also a godsend if you’re indecisive.) If you’re searching for ways to blend two or more color tones into your kitchen design, check out these seven ideas that offer a blueprint for mixing and matching cabinet colors.

Pop-Up Balcony: Attic Window Transforms into Outdoor Space

balcony-windowAttics and upper-floor spaces with angled roofs can feel stuffy and constricting, often cut off from both daylight and fresh air. Instead of renovating the roof to add attic windows or balconies, you could have both in one. European window manufacturer Velux offers dormer windows that transform into outdoor spaces in seconds, the bottom half featuring pop-up banisters and the top half opening vertically into an overhang.

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10 Ways to Add Wow to Your Home

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.16.17 AMTry one of these ideas to punch up a space without breaking the bank

Adding new life to a space doesn’t necessary require a floor-to-ceiling remodel. Sometimes it’s just a coat of paint or sense of playfulness in decor that can transform a room from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Here are 10 ways to add a bit of boldness to your space and take it from mundane to wow!

10 things to turn your bathroom into a luxury retreat


Home Improvement Etiquette

Many people are unsure about the common etiquette when working with contractors who are renovating your home. For example, do you tip or don’t tip?

Eighty four percent of 400 consumers surveyed by TheBathOutlet.com say they did not think it was necessary to tip a general contractor, painter, electrician, plumber, or interior designer. Of those professions, painters were the most likely to receive a tip – at 12 percent of consumers saying they do.

View the infographic below to learn more about home improvement etiquette.

remodel etiquette

Choosing Your Exterior Paint Color


The History of Bathrooms


DIY Bath Remodel

Tip JarDIYing some of your bathroom remodel can mean double the savings: savings on labor costs and a high ROI when it’s time to sell. Tackle the easy parts of the project yourself and keep money in your pocket.

How to Create Better Flow in Your Home

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.30.27 PMLearn how much room to allow for furniture, and tricks you can use to make the most of a tight space

Someone once said that a well-designed space is like a good pair of shoes: If you’re wearing a good pair of shoes, you don’t even notice that you have them on your feet. But if you’re wearing a bad pair of shoes, you notice them every step of the way. Interiors work the same way.

If you haven’t considered the circulation space around your furniture, cupboards and built-ins, you will feel it with every step you take. You’ve probably encountered poor room circulation at some point: bumping into corners while walking around furniture, dinner guests standing up to let others slide through, stepping sideways to get to your toilet, not being able to open your doors all the way. If any of these situations exist in your own home, it’s a pretty easy fix. Here are some ways to achieve better flow in your space.