Things you should — and should NOT — flush [video]

dont flushHuman waste should be disposed of in the toilet. Toilet paper, too, unless otherwise directed. Period. End of story.

And, yet, still, municipalities face the daunting task of ridding our sewer system of clogs caused by everything else fed to the porcelain god.

The ‘I Don’t Flush’ campaign launched in Ontario, Canada is seeking to rid the world of unnecessary sewer clogs by raising awareness of what big, stinky problems happen unflushable “flushables” end up in the tubes.

The Right Way to Test Paint Colors

paint colorsLove rich colors? Some hues need a special ingredient to come out right. Plus: See what 5 pros say about where and how to test your paint

It’s a common image: Someone selecting a wall color paints several sheets of paper or sample boards and hangs them on the wall to compare colors. It looks artistic and even a bit hip, but it may not be the most accurate way to vet wall paint. We talked to five pros, including painters and designers. Here’s what they suggest instead.

A Cleaning Routine for Your First Home

cleaning thumbWith basic supplies and room-by-room checklists, you can get into the housekeeping habit

Moving into your first home is exciting and presents a wonderful opportunity to cultivate new habits, such as getting organized from the start, planting your first garden and even housekeeping. Cleaning may not be at the top of your list of things you’re excited about when it comes to your new place, but keeping your space spic and span is a big part of what will maintain that “new house” feeling. The key is crafting a cleaning system that works with your life.

6 Ways to Spice Up Your Neutral Kitchen

Kitchen spiceLook to these details to prevent a white kitchen from feeling a bit stark

Despite the benefits of neutral kitchens, such as enhanced natural light and an emboldened sense of cleanliness, many homeowners find neutral kitchens so boring. Never fear. With a few design tweaks, you can get all the advantages of neutral kitchens with a little added excitement. These six kitchens from the Houzz Kitchens of the Weekshow you how to do just that.

To-Dos: Your June Home Checklist

june to dosGet your house set for summer with a mix of maintenance musts and breezy room refreshes

Summer officially begins on June 20 this year, but why wait until then to get into the summer spirit? Get a jump-start by prepping your home and garden for warm weather, setting up the perfect drip-dry spot for beach towels, reorganizing the kitchen (hello, smoothie bar), and more. These 15 to-dos cover all the bases, so you can enjoy your month to the fullest.

How to Replace or Revamp Your Garage Doors

garage door thumbBoost curb appeal and maybe even security with new garage doors. Find out cost ranges and other important details here

A garage that faces the street (especially a large two- or three-car garage) can take up a lot of visual real estate. If your garage doors are in poor shape, clash with the style of your home or are just uninspired, replacing them can greatly increase your home’s curb appeal. Here are the need-to-know facts about updating your garage doors, covering style, cost and more.

9 Beautiful Blues for Bathrooms

baths thumbFrom soft sky to bold tropical aqua, see why this hue is making waves in bathrooms

I like using white in bathrooms just as much as the next person, but what I really like to see is a splash of color. Blue is a particularly good choice because it evokes the sea and the sky, and the positive associations many us have with them. But there are many fetching blue hues out there to choose from. Soft blues offer a stress-reducing ambience, as they’re purported to calm and soothe the senses. Bolder blues bring a fun and energetic vibe to a room, while the darkest ones lend drama and elegance. Among my favorites below, perhaps there’s a hue for you.

No Cleaning Products, No Problem



11 Ways to Create a Beautifully Styled Bookcase

bookshelvesDiscover tips, tricks and techniques for showcasing your favorite


Bookworms, rejoice. The options for lining your walls with books are nearly limitless. Whether you are a stacker, sorter or color-coordinator, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to leave your mark and create your very best “shelfie.”