Garage Cleaning Tips for the Overwhelmed

garage cleanDon’t let this catch-all space get the better of you. These baby steps can get you started

Facing down a jam-packed garage? If you’re feeling defeated before you’ve even begun, this guide is for you. By breaking a mountain of a task into bite-size pieces, you can bring your out-of-control-messy garage into focus. We offer baby steps to

getting started, smart storage tips and more. Before you know it, you will have transformed a chaotic free-for-all space into a functional, organized storage area.

7 Low Cost Ways To Make Your Home Look Amazing


How to Gain More Storage With Shelves in Unusual Places

shelvesRunning out of room to put your stuff? Here are some creative ways to fit in extra shelves

Having dedicated places to store and display your possessions is key to a tidy, practical and beautiful home. There are often areas around a house that could work a bit harder with the addition of one or more shelves. Here’s a selection of ideas.

Garage Begone! 10 Smart Solutions for Hiding Your Wheels

hidden garageDon’t let the home for your cars overwhelm your curb appeal

Pretty much every household in New Zealand has

a car — or two or three — that needs to be housed safely off the street. But a huge driveway, bulky garage and dull roller door can spoil the appeal of a house, dominating the facade and even obscuring the front door. Whether you’re driving into your house or creating an inviting view for people walking past, here are ways to turn a necessity into a virtue.

Kitchen Confidential: The Pros and Cons of Double Stacked Cabinets

stackedDoes it make sense for you to double up on cabinets? Find out here

Double stacked kitchen cabinets aren’t a one-trick pony. They can increase your storage space, open the door for dazzling displays or give your space a finished look. However, they aren’t right for every kitchen. They’re an added expense and aren’t always easy to access. If the stacked cabinet look has caught your eye, this quick rundown of pros and cons will better inform your buying decision.

Heads-Up Hues: 10 Bold Ceiling Colors

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.45.38 PMVisually raise or lower a ceiling, or just add an eyeful of interest, with paint from splashy to soothing

It’s standard operating procedure to paint your walls a color while keeping the ceiling white. We’ve been told this makes the room feel larger and brighter. While there’s no doubt a white ceiling will brighten a room, certain ceiling colors can actually make a room appear more expansive. The key to using a bold or dark color on the ceiling without the space becoming cave-like is to make sure you have adequate lighting or limit the adjacent wall colors to white or another light hue.

Warm colors tend to advance, and cool colors recede, so if you are looking to visually raise your ceiling height, stick to cooler hues. On the other hand, if you have high ceilings and wish to make them feel lower — for a more intimate vibe — use a warm hue, such as red, orange or yellow.

Check out these 10 rooms that feature a bright or bold ceiling color, along with suggestions for how to use an unusual color on a ceiling of your own.

How to Calculate a Home’s Square Footage

sq ftUnderstanding your home’s square footage requires more than just geometry

All square feet are not created equal. Even Thomas Jefferson would have agreed. There are basements. There are attics. There are garages remodeled into living spaces, and there are oversized storage rooms locked in remote, poorly accessible corners.

But when it comes to calculating a home’s square footage, we are left with a number — a simple number often relied upon to estimate a home’s value, cost to construct and overall livability. So it is worth understanding exactly what those simple digits represent. How are they calculated? What rules are used to figure it accurately, and what are the potential flaws in the venerated number known as the square footage of a home? Here’s how to calculate square feet.

10 Principles of Organizing That Work in Every Room

organize themb 2Feeling overwhelmed by your stuff? Here’s how to make your things more findable and easier to put away

Getting your home organized is a great feeling, but figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. Keep the process simple by zeroing in on these 10 principles of organizing, which can be applied to any space, anytime.

Prep Your Yard For Summer [video]

Chances are, your yard can use a little post-winter pick up. Here are 3 tips in 30 seconds that’ll help prep your yard for spring.

One: Dethatch and rake. Too much thatch prevents water from penetrating to the soil level and weakens turf root systems.

Two: Evaluate your lawn. Does it have a few bare spots? No problem. You can use an all-in-one seed and fertilizer mix to promote growth and get those areas off to a strong start.

Three: Don’t forget to clean out your flower beds by removing any weeds, dead annuals and other debris. The soil will warm up and your perennials will love the sunlight!

There you have it. Three tips in thirty seconds. Now get out there – It’s time to spring!