11 Ways to Create a Beautifully Styled Bookcase

bookshelvesDiscover tips, tricks and techniques for showcasing your favorite


Bookworms, rejoice. The options for lining your walls with books are nearly limitless. Whether you are a stacker, sorter or color-coordinator, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to leave your mark and create your very best “shelfie.”

10 Ideas for an Anything-but-Boring Basement

basement thumbLet your imagination run wild and get the most bang from your basement

If you’re lucky enough to have a basement in your home, don’t let this prime real estate go to waste. Whether you want to make it a family-friendly hangout or a sophisticated space for adults, there’s a range of possibilities in creating an underground gem. Here are 10 tips for making the most of this special space.

10 Ideas for a Lighter, Brighter Living Room

bright living roomsGive your space a brightening boost all year round by making the most of every bit of daylight

Most of us have a couple of rooms in our homes that get less light than we’d like. You may find that you gravitate toward the pleasing sunny spots, while avoiding spaces that feel gloomier. Heavy curtains, dark carpets and the wrong paint color can all take their toll on the impression of light in a space.

If you’d like to get more use out of your living areas in the daytime, take time to consider what improvements could be made. These 10 inspirational tips should help you to see the light.

15 Fresh Ways to Style Your Home for a New Look

spruceGive your rooms an inexpensive makeover with textiles, chalkboard paint and accessories you already have on hand

Tweaking, rearranging, freshening up, reinventing — styling is more about out-of-the-box thinking and less about spending money. Here are 15 creative ideas for reworking your rooms using what you have on hand.

12 Features in a Kid-Friendly Home

kid friendlyIncorporate these elements to create a stylish and worry-free environment for you and your family

A child’s laughter can permeate a home and warm the coldest of hearts. Kids can also create lots of messes, from the living room to the bathroom and everywhere in between. Here are 12 features that can help you create a kid-friendly home that’s clean, organized, safe — and fun for all.

Clever Ways to Hide a Laundry Station

laundry thumbWhen you don’t have a whole room to devote to the wash, use these solutions to tuck the machines out of view

Don’t have the luxury of a vast laundry room for stashing your washer and dryer? Here are some of my favorite ideas for hiding your laundry workstation so that it’s there when you need it — and out of sight when you don’t.

10 Ways to Spice Up Your Dining Room

dining thumbGet this gathering spot ready for guests with a few ambience-enhancing tweaks

With the holidays coming, you might be starting to think about hosting a gathering or two. If so, make sure your dining room is company-ready by making a few tweaks ahead of time. From simple additions (a throw on every chair) to bigger changes (new lighting), here are 10 ways to make your dining room the place to be.

10 Ways to Dress Up Your Kitchen Island

kitchen isalnd thumbGive this key feature a style overhaul with new paint, trim or other decorative details

The kitchen island or peninsula is often the home’s hub, where family and friends gather to help with the cooking (or just the eating). This central position makes it an important design feature and a great place to add personality to your kitchen. Re-dressing the island can provide a dramatic face-lift on any budget. Here are 10 of my favorite ideas you can use to give the heart of the house a little love.

7 Bedroom Design Trends for Tweens and Teens

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.21.08 AMYou can move toward a more grown-up look while still keeping it fresh and fun

Teetering between childhood and adulthood, a teenager’s bedroom can be challenging to decorate as it looks more to the future than the past. Not only a place to sleep and do homework, it’s also a space to hang out with friends and create memories. Here are seven design ideas for tween and teen rooms that help strike the right balance of function, fun and individuality.