A Floating House On Lake Union

lake-union-floating-homeThis is the latest project of V + C Architects (Vandeventer + Carlander). This private residence floats on Lake Union in Seattle and offers great panoramic views of downtown Seattle southward, Gas Works Park to the north and Queen Anne Hill to the west. With no space to spare, the home has a compact waterprint and easily combines indoor and outdoor living. The customers required a home that was modern and would meet their needs for comfortable living and gracious entertaining. The result is a design that turns the traditional floor plan upside down with the personal rooms on the ground (or may be water floor is correct?) floor and public spaces on the roof. A spiral staircase leads up to the rooftop deck for even more glorious views.

Living on the water comes with its own sets of challenges, namely the effects of water corrosion on buildings and vehicles. To minimize those effects, the architects designed the home to be low maintenance and durable, which includes the use of aluminum coverage and fiber cement panels for a rain screen. Inside interior materials were chosen for their color palette, which includes the use of light hued bamboo flooring. Solar passive design, natural daylighting and ventilation all help reduce energy use within the home. Overhangs and sun shades protect the interior from overheating in the summer. In addition, the home features a hydronic in-floor heating with an energy efficient heat pump system and a fresh air ventilation system with an energy saving heat exchanger.

via:vc-arch.com source

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